Brainstorm 2013: Come to Learn. Leave with a Plan.

November 21-23, 2013 – Aria Resort Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

Do you make money online?
you’ll make even more in 2014
by spending 3 days with us


For Business Owners

The decisions you make affect a lot of people and they are all looking for you to come up with a plan to:

  1. Get more traffic.
  2. Make more sales.
  3. Create more profit from every sale.

At the SEO Braintrust, we understand, because we’re business owners too. Back in 2009, we had about six weeks to launch a new business, and with almost zero cash we did 7 figures in revenue in the first 12 months. We can’t promise that kind of meteoric growth for you, but if you are interested in trying, we can show you how.

For Marketing Consultants

As a consultant you know that there are only three ways to make more money:

  1. Get more (and better) clients.
  2. Get better results for your clients.
  3. Get clients to pay you more.

The SEO Braintrust isn’t only a training company – we’re also a million-dollar agency with clients of our own and we’ve been teaching consultants just like you how to get more clients, deliver better results, and get paid accordingly, for more than a decade.

The Brainstorm No Risk, 100% Awesomeness Guarantee

Attend the entire first day and half of the second, and if by lunch time Friday – halfway through the event – you decide that you’ve gotten nothing from the event, it’s a waste of time and you just want to go home, then we’ll refund the FULL $497 list price of the ticket … more than you paid.

Just see one of us, turn in your event workbook and we’ll cut you a check on the spot.

The Brainstorm Promise

The quality of the results you achieve starts with the quality of the questions you ask.  When we work with clients, we start with the right questions and at Brainstorm 2013 we’ll be doing this with you as well.

  • Where are you now?
  • Where are you going?
  • Should you change that destination?
  • How are you going to get there?
  • What steps will you take in the next 12 months to get closer?

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners like you plan and execute rapid growth.  By helping you answer these questions, and put together a plan to execute in 2014, we hope to see you back at Brainstorm 2014 with an even larger business!

Your Hosts

Dan Thies

Dan has been helping his clients and friends build their business online since Netscape was a startup. His books and courses have helped tens of thousands take control of their online marketing, and as head of the Braintrust Labs team, continues to develop cutting-edge marketing solutions that bring “big company” marketing techniques to small companies who are ready to grow.

Leslie Rohde

Leslie is a geek by birth and a businessman by choice. While others seek to learn what works, Leslie looks at how it works, why it works and how to make it work even better. That’s how he got to be internationally known for a string of innovations in search marketing including the discovery of the ranking importance of link text and the invention of several advanced online marketing techniques.

Andrea Warner

A renowned business coach, Andrea Warner has a Master’s Degree in Education. She has a gift for making complicated concepts easy to comprehend. After spending six years helping online marketers with their businesses, she believes the answer to almost every online business question is “Outsource”, “Test”, or “Target”. Andrea takes great pleasure in connecting people that should know each other, and in bringing high-quality content to BrainTrust members. Consider her a Rolodex with legs; if there’s something you want to learn, chances are she knows an expert in that field and can put you in touch with them personally. Andrea organizes webinars and content for our members, creates vendor relationships, and teaches our members how to kill it with Facebook advertising.

What we do

We are internationally recognized and followed for our advancement in SEO and PPC methods, but our mentoring students and private clients appreciate us the most for our end-to-end understanding of online business.

Where some consultants take their clients for a ride on their “one trick pony”, we start instead with where your business is now, what it really needs, and what best practices and growth strategies can be used (or devised) to get you where you want to go.

Here are some examples of the results we’ve helped our students and clients attain:

  • Linking penalty cleanup
  • $1000/day from Facebook traffic
  • A more than 300% increase in lead form conversion
  • Site moves and shopping cart replacements
  • Expansion into foreign markets
  • Doubling seasonal organic-sourced sales
  • Reformulating the brand message
  • and many more

If we don’t know how to grow your business, we’ll tell you, and help you find someone who can, but in decades of building our own businesses and helping thousands of others build theirs, we might have run across something that will help you too.

A Few Words From Our Students

Our Structured Approach
to Help You Grow YOUR Business

In working with private clients, and mentoring our group coaching students, we use a framework built over a combined three decades online. For Brainstorm 2013, we’ve distilled this approach into a 200 page workbook that is yours to keep and personalize during your 3 days with us. Here are the major sections:

  • Online Business Development Framework – this is the template for rapid growth we use in our own business and with our private clients
  • Step-by-Step Assessment Process and Worksheets – with every business we advise, we do an inventory of key business drivers as part of developing the growth plan.  We’ll do this same process with you at Brainstorm 2013.
  • Site Profit Optimization (SPO) – you could call this “the new SEO” but it goes way beyond what everyone else calls SEO
  • Up to Date Traffic and Conversion Tactics – a lot of what we teach is timeless, but this section is the newest stuff we’ve seen working in the last 12-18 months
  • Our Personal Swipe File & Resource Rolodex – this is some of the best-of-the-best copy, campaigns and resources that we’ve accumulated in working with clients and partners

World Class Speakers and Experts

To help us help you, we’ve called in a few favors! These are people we request, admire, and are honored to call friends. In each case they have something of great value to teach, but what really excites us about our guest presenters is that they truly care about helping other people find their own success.

Marty Weintraub
Founder of aimClear®

Marty’s Wiley/Sybex book, “Killer Facebook Ads” was critically acclaimed and he has written extensively for respected Internet marketing publications including SearchEngineWatch, SearchEngineLand, Search Engine Roundtable & been quoted in others, from AdAge to MediaPost. aimClear Blog has been cited as a Technorati “Top 10 Small Business Blogs”, Cison “Top Ten Social Media Blogs” & PRWeb’s “25 Essential Public Relations Blogs You Should Be Reading.” Marty was also named the #3 most influential PPC professional.

Jen Sable Lopez
Director of Community at Moz

Currently I’m the Community Manager at SEOmoz where you’ll find me writing on the blog, hovering in the comments and managing YOUmoz, our user driven blog. I’m addicted to social media and I’m lucky to manage the SEOmoz Twitter and Facebook accounts. You may even find me speaking and/or covering various SEO conferences throughout the year.In my off hours (is it possible that I *have* off hours??) I do SEO and Social Media consulting. I mean, how in the world could I manage a community of SEOs if I’m not one myself?”

Jessica Bowman
Founder & CEO of SEO In House

A leading expert and advocate for in-house SEO, Jessica is known for getting in-house SEO programs up and running quickly, systematically and profitably. She tells it like it is, with candid, realistic, scalable advice about SEO strategy and sustainable in-house SEO programs. Identified as one of the industry’s top in-house SEOs by Natural Search Blog, Jessica has built in-house SEO programs for Yahoo! Inc., Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Her diverse experience in project management, website usability, and process analysis gives her the insight to ask the right questions, in the right order, to identify the best approach for implementing SEO at your company.

Thomas Blackwell
Partner Manager at Infusionsoft

Thomas Blackwell helps small businesses succeed at an elite level by implementing an automated sales and marketing system. He has run several successful small businesses of his own and knows the pain and glory that come from running your own show. He has been speaking to live audiences for over 10 years and knows how to connect with the crowd in a monumental fashion. As a Trusted Advisor Partner Manager at Infusionsoft Thomas works with some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. When not working with small businesses Thomas loves to spend time with his wife and 3 daughters.

Ezra Firestone
Founder of BOOM!

Ezra is a partner in BOOM! by Cindy Joseph and the company’s head of digital marketing. He runs a private network of eCommerce websites and regularly consults for companies across the U.S and Canada. He is the founder/creative director of SmartMarketer, an information hub for do-it-yourself entrepreneurs.

Paul Lemberg
Founder, Quantum Growth Coaching

Paul Lemberg helps small business owners become wealthy.

Since 1995, Paul has worked directly with the owners of around 150 “small businesses” from North and South America, Europe and Asia, ranging from solopreneurs and lifestyle businesses, to pre-revenue investor-backed startups, to mature businesses with tens of millions in sales. He has coached and advised them to achieve greater success, double and triple their profits, and sometimes grow their companies more than 10-fold.

Don Crowther
Founder, Breakthrough Consulting

Don Crowther is a leading social media marketing and online marketing expert. He helps companies ranging from Fortune-500-level giants to entrepreneurs make more money online using proven social media and search marketing techniques.

Colin Theriot
The Cult of Copy

Colin is not only a long time friend, but as well a copywriting resource we routinely recommend to our clients and students. He also runs a “cult” of professional copywriters and business owners possessed :-) with the art of writing winning copy.

Joel McDonald
Founder, 2020PPC

Joel is a Best Selling Author, National Speaker and AdWords Trainer/Consultant. He coauthored the “Dummies” brand book on PPC and has spoken at Google to their own ad reps.


Joel clients include RE/MAX, Viddler, Mars Inc, and Disney and he has even been hired by direct competitors to help optimize their online advertising efforts.

Ben Morris
Founder, Kristalytics

Ben and his company are specialists in hyper-targeting. We’ve used his service ourselves and recommended it to clients as a way to eliminate non-performing marketing while simultaneously increasing the best performing marketing! If you are doing any paid traffic or direct mail, Ben is likely someone you should listen to.

Lynn Terry
Founder, ClickNewz

Lynn Terry is a well-known professional blogger and super affiliate, with over 16 years experience online in a variety of markets and business models. She is best known as “the voice of integrity” in the Internet Marketing space, and for her detailed training on Content Marketing strategies. She leverages the the growth and popularity of Social Media to grow businesses fast, and teaches her methods in a new course titled Social Marketing Results.

Laura Betterly
CEO, Yada Yada Marketing

Laura is an eclectic serial entrepreneur. Although her first love was playing guitar (she performed in NYC punk bands in the late 1970′s and early 1980′s) she has spent most of her career being a tech geek, handling the marketing and promotion for her clients as well her own projects . PCDJ, which she co-founded had nine million downloads. She has traveled the world working with celebrities such as Ice T, Nile Rodgers, Jam Master Jay and Chaka Kahn but also took her last company In Touch Media Group public.

She currently runs a boutique marketing agency, Yada Yada Marketing and is published by Ryan Deiss with her products for local marketers, Mobile Local Fusion, Local Agency Startup and Instant Local Traffic. Her company is Google certified for PPC and she is also an excellent SEO; ranking herself and clients for competitive terms. Most recently she has been getting amazing results for herself and her clients using new techniques she has developed for Facebook Ads.

5 Star Venue and Accommodations

ARIA Resort & Casino
3730 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89158

Aria is located in the heart of the Las Vegas strip at City Center and the rooms sport every modern convenience to make your stay both productive and memorable!

All this for a very special event price of $139 + $25 resort fee (plus local taxes).

Your Deluxe room includes:

  • Internet Access (in-suite and campus wide at City Center),
  • Local and toll-free number phone calls,
  • Access to The Spa & Fitness Center,
  • Daily newspaper, and
  • Airline Boarding Pass Printing

Complimentary Refreshments for all Attendees

Nevada is a desert, so staying refreshed and hydrated throughout the day is critical to keeping your energy up and mind fully engaged so in addition to 3 days of training, your ticket also buys you morning coffee and tea, soft drinks in the afternoon, and water throughout the day.

The After Hours Program

All work and no play would be pretty horrible and most of the best deals and longest partnerships seem to start over drinks, so we’ve planned a full social calendar for you starting with hosted cocktail receptions Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening.

One of the critical reasons to join us at Brainstorm is the networking and there’s no better way to do that than at our hosted receptions and parties.  Your next business partner might just be attending Brainstorm.

But even if you don’t ink that next big deal while in Vegas … as Internet marketers, we lead pretty isolated lives.  We can go for weeks or months without ever talking to someone that does what we do.  Where else are you going to find a group of successful, motivated, and like minded business owners to share ideas with?

Friday all attendees are invited to the private party at a local nightclub (to be announced).  This is a great time to forget about business for a while and unwind from a couple days of solid learning and business planning.  We’ll be starting late on Saturday so you can enjoy Vegas and still get a full night’s sleep so you’re ready to complete your planning process during Saturday afternoon!

On Thursday night everyone that upgrades to VIP will join us for dinner and socializing at the Gold nightclub.  As a VIP you will enjoy some quality conversation and networking with your hosts, speakers and peers, in addition to chowing down on the catered feast we have planned for you.  Our VIP upgrade just barely covers the expense of this five star experience and the companionship and networking with speakers and partners is priceless!

Your Event Ticket Includes

3 Full Days of World Class Training

We love doing live events and having fun with customers and clients, but what really turns us on and keeps us doing what we do is seeing YOUR business grow each year we talk to you.  So come ready to work on your business and leave with a plan to be even better next year!  We’ll help you get there with business growth strategies, cutting-edge methods, and step-by-step instruction by The SEO Braintrust principals plus some of the most respected online marketers and strategists in the business.

3 Evenings of Socializing and Networking

Connect with old friends and new, exchange ideas and viewpoints, and connect with who you are as an online entrepreneur.  As a business owner, you are the 1%, and as online business owners, we might just be the .01%!  People with “jobs” have no idea what we do and to most bankers we look like drug dealers.  Where do you go to socialize and share ideas with people who actually understand you?  Brainstorm is that place!  We are all of us online business owners and key decision makers.  Come rejoice in what we do and renew the energy it takes to keep it doing it day after day.

Admission for one to the Friday Night Party

This is “recess”.  No one is even allowed to “talk shop” as we all unwind and just have fun in one of the hottest nightclubs in Vegas.  We will have our own private area as “home base” with bottle service so you can hang with friends, or feel free to roam the club and be the real Rockstar you are. :-)

A Copy of all the Presentations

All the slides will be available in your workbook so you can take notes that actually make sense when you get back to the office.  The presenters are Brainstorm are always hand selected and qualified by us because we want you to get valuable, actionable information from every minute you invest at the conference.

Video Recordings of the Entire Conference

We record everything and as a Brainstorm attendee you’re getting a copy of all of it.  This is so unlike other conferences where they either don’t record at all (which we think is just weird!) or they charge you for the recordings.  We spent $53,000 to record this event (yes, that is the real number) and you get all the recordings for free.  In parts of the day we will have simultaneous breakout sessions, and we’ll advise you on which you should attend live, but rest assured that you’ll get the recording of the one you missed.

Our Business Building Workbook
(available exclusively at Brainstorm 2013)

Not only is this your program and guide to Brainstorm 2013, it is also your strategy adviser and planning manual for 2014.  This binder is packed with our best strategies, methods, and resources to help you grow your business.  Plus, we’ve designed it for you to personalize to your business during the weekend and use as a planning tool until we meet again next year.

The Brainstorm No Risk, 100% Awesomeness Guarantee

Attend the entire first day and half of the second, and if by lunch time Friday – halfway through the event – you decide that you’ve gotten nothing from the event, it’s a waste of time and you just want to go home, then we’ll refund the FULL $497 list price of the ticket … more than you paid.

Just see one of us, turn in your event workbook and we’ll cut you a check on the spot.

Could You Have Their Success Next Year?

Early Bird Bonus Deals

Even if you just show up and pay at the door, Brainstorm is a massive value, but register and prepay your room at Aria and we’ve got some great savings and bonuses for you to sweeten the deal further.

Bonus #1: 40% Ticket Discount ($200 value)

Save $200 off the door price by registering today.  This is your best option if you live in the area or are staying with friends or family.

Bonus #2: Finish 2013 as a Braintrust Insider ($291 value)

If you are new to the SEO Braintrust then we want you to get to know us and stick around so we’ll also include 3 months of membership to the Insider’s membership portal.  Here you’ll get instant access to our courses, our private webinars, and additional premium content not available to the public.  This is a perfect companion to the workbook and course materials you’ll be receiving at Brainstorm.

The Brainstorm No Risk, 100% Awesomeness Guarantee

Attend the entire first day and half of the second, and if by lunch time Friday – halfway through the event – you decide that you’ve gotten nothing from the event, it’s a waste of time and you just want to go home, then we’ll refund the FULL $497 list price of the ticket … more than you paid.

Just see one of us, turn in your event workbook and we’ll cut you a check on the spot.

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